Kamal Aslam
India's 1, World Ranked 3 WORLD RECORD HOLDER (First ASIAN to Hold 500 Records)

Kamal Aslam - WORLD RANK #3


Glorifying India in RecordSetter with 501+ WORLD RECORDS
Kamal Aslam Crossed 194 Countries out of 196 In Making Most Number of World Records

Kamal Mohd Aslam is the First Indian to make and break the World Records related to Cardistry. Kamal Aslam has 501+ World Records to his name in the same genre. His aim is to bring Cardistry as a showbiz in India as well. His achievements have been praised and appreciated by Dan Rollman the Co-founder and CEO of RecordSetter. He has also got appreciation from Legendary Brian Pankey.

​​Kamal Aslam record attempts are also liked and appreciated by Lightbulb Girl of Ripley's Believe it or not, Cynder Moon; a woman who can shot a lightning bolt from her tongue.

He has the Fastest Hand in India with ​​more than 200+ Records In Fastest Category.


 More About Kamal Aslam

 ​​Kamal Aslam has done his schooling from the prestigious St. Joseph’s College Allahabad where he says, he learned one thing, which according to him made him the person he is today, “Semper Sursum” the SJC motto, which means Always Aim High. He has been a part of off-stage committee in SJC, and a defender for Gold House Football team.

He moved on to do BCA and got a job in 
INFOSYS, where he received awards for Highest Productivity and for maintaining 100% Quality. Now he does Day Trading in Shares and F&O plus he is a freelancer Content Writer and Motivational Speaker as well. He has a long list of hobbies which includes swimming, boxing, watching movies, painting, reading motivational books, learning about newest technology etc.


​​​(First Indian to Reach 100, 200, 300, 400 & 500 WORLD RECORDS Marks)

​​Kamal Aslam makes World Records in Cardistry, and he has Records from fastest to most number of cuts in a minute. He knows more than 55+ Card Cuts and various different types of displays.

 Kamal Aslam has also made records using Double Decks which was never been attempted before.
​Kamal Aslam has also clubbed Playing cards with different acts such as Balancing, Gryphon Rolls, Bike, Bouncing Balls and Weights etc.

You can watch all his attempts at recordsetter.com/user/KamalAslam

Current All-Time World Ranking of Kamal Aslam #3(RecordSetter)

Kamal Aslam The Motivational Speaker​​

Kamal Aslam believes in motivating small groups at a time, so that each member attending it, can get personalized attention, and he tries to sorts out each individuals issues and answers their queries. Schools and Colleges are his main focus as he thinks that Teens in India needs more motivation than corporate individuals.

He is open to giving speeches at any School and College be it Government or Private. Kamal Aslam is emphasizing more at Rural Areas of India as there are many hidden talent that needs to be motivated in the right direction.

Kamal Aslam believes in developing the Personality of an individual rather than tackling single issues. He tries to change the persona in such a way that everyone can meet their challenges head on. This gives a chance to students to make their own decisions rather than just doing what they are told to.
Any school or college interested in taking Kamal Aslam services, can contact him on the e-mail id, which is given below and book his dates for Motivating their students in academic as well as in extra curricular activities. More so for making them a better person to take the challenges which the real world has to offer.

Contact for Events, Functions,World Record Performances and Motivational seminars etc. 

Kamal Aslam  attends functions and seminars held in schools and colleges for motivating students of different backgrounds and streams. If you want him to attend any of such events kindly drop an e-mail @  saber_dragonx@yahoo.co.in

All e-mail will be entertained within 24 hrs of receiving.

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